The Less-Waste Project

Project Title

Joint Waste Prevention Plans and Promotion of Recycling

Brief description

The primary goal of the LESS WASTE project is to increase the recycling rates in the cross-border region and promote waste prevention. Its specific objectives are: 1. to reduce the volume of waste going to landfilling and increase material recovery, 2. to involve and encourage participation in waste reduction by a wide range of stakeholders, and, 3. to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge base on waste generation, monitoring and management in the Greek-Albanian cross-border region.

Project Partners

Overall Lead Partner & Financial Lead Partner: Waste Management of Western Macedonia SA – DIADYMA SA (Greece)

Financial Lead Partner 2: Regional Council of Gjirokaster (Albania)

Partner: Agricultural University of Tirana/ Dept of Agro-Environmental Science and Ecology (Albania)

Project Info

Budget:  418.052,38€,

Duration: 18 months,

Signature Date of the Overall Contract: 2/7/2012